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Copy of Take This Short Inventory If Your Life Feels Off-Balance

What are you trying to balance in your life? As we go throughout our day we are often faced with many or all of these opposing perspectives or choices. Don't you agree? If we find ourselves dissatisfied with our lives, it's a good idea to check these categories and see where most of your choices lie. Balance is so important to a fulfilling, peaceful existence. Use this list to do a short inventory of how you are spending your time or mind-space. I don't know that either choice is good or bad. It's more so the unbalance of time spent in one or the other that may create discomfort.

Chaos » Quiet

Obligation » Choice

Exercise » Rest

Conversation » Silence

Indulgence » Nutrition

Relationship » Individuality

Confrontation » Retreat

Distraction » Focus

Lack » Abundance

Emptiness » Fulfillment

Disappointment » Gratitude

Do any of these resonate with you? Leave a comment to share some other things you find difficult to balance.

We can achieve the balance we desire when we turn inward and become self-aware. Daily habits like meditation, gratitude practice, journaling & affirmations will put our lives in balance.

Imagine learning these habits as a child?

Wow! These habits would become so automatic that your true nature wouldn’t tolerate anything but BALANCE!

Jump Into Joy Workshops & Workbooks give girls life skills & habits to preserve their inner joy for a lifetime. We chat, share & connect in a fun, uplifting environment full of acceptance & positivity for all who gather. Whether we are in-person, or meeting virtually, we are always overwhelmed by the excitement we all feel when we realize the benefit these positive mindset tools will have in our lives.

How to get involved? Just join a workshop or host one yourself! Tap a link below for more info!

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